Week 5: Green Bay Packers 22, Detroit Lions 9- Post Game Thoughts

Once again the Green Bay Packers defeat the Detroit Lions in Wisconsin (I feel as if I’ve seen this movie before).  All kidding aside, this was an impressive win for the home team.  Of course, the Lions lacked their biggest offensive weapon in Calvin Johnson in this match-up.  Had he played, the game still would have gone in the favor of the Pack, and here’s why: Green Bay is getting it going on the ground and playing pretty good defense early on the season.  180 yards on the ground is not too shabby, and it was Eddie Lacy who was bowling right through a stout Detroit defense.  The Lions have been very good on defense so far this year and the Packers were able to move the ball at will on them (with 449 yards on the game).  James Jones single-handedly exploited the defense with his impressive 4 catch, 127 yard performance (including an 83 yard touchdown).  Aaron Rodgers missed only ten times and the Packers are back at .500 on the season.  The Lions do not lose their grip on first place since the Bears also lost on Sunday, but the team is in a much more apprehensive position after falling for the second time on the road this season.  Next week they head to Cleveland to take on the surprising Browns in a game that both team will need in order to maintain leverage in their highly competitive divisions.  The Packers will head to Baltimore to take on the Raves in what should be a very tough game for each team.


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