Week 5: Arizona Cardinals 22, Carolina Panthers 6- Post Game Thoughts

Arizona is going to be a tough place for opponents to play this season.  The Cardinals remain undefeated at home in an impressive win over the Panthers.  Well, to be exact, the only thing that was impressive in this game was Todd Bowles’ defensive unit.  The “D” sacked Cam Newton an astounding seven times and intercepted him three times in the game.  Karlos Dansby and the returning Daryl Washington were the two most impressive players in this game.  Each of them had eight solo tackles, two sacks, and an interception.  Talk about a scary defensive duo!  Patrick Peterson also added a pick late in the second quarter when the Panthers were driving for a score.  With all of the talk about how Bruce Arians was going to improve the offense of this team, it is still a defensive minded bunch and the Cards will be winning a majority of their games because of their top-10 unit.  For the Panthers, it is still up in the air as to how good this team can be.  Outside of their rout of the Giants, this offense has not looked good under Mike Shula.  They have been very inconsistent so far and have been letting their own solid defense down by not rewarding them with any more wins.  The 1-3 team will head north to Minnesota to take on the Vikings in what will be a must-win game for both squads involved.  On the west coast, the Arizona defense will be tested on the road against the hot 49ers; that game should be interesting.


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