Week 4: Kansas City Chiefs 31, New York Giants 7- Post Game Thoughts

The Giants woes continue as they drop another game on the road to a solid Kansas City squad.  The Chiefs finally turned the ball over in this game, three times if you are counting.  Alex Smith was picked off twice and Eli Manning hit up Victor Cruz for a 69 yard touchdown.  If I had given you this information you probably would have guessed that Big Blue took this one away, but they did not.  A Dexter McCluster 89 yard punt return for a TD put Kansas City up by 10, however after seeing the highlight I can conclude that the Chiefs did get away with a couple of illegal blocks in the back right at the point of the return.  Of course, that is a shout near an aircraft because it did not cost the Giants the game.  Their offense has been shut down for the second straight week.  In fact, the Giants have been outscored 69-7 over the past two weeks.  Plus the defense is yet to stop an opponent from scoring over 30 points this season.  Besides the turnovers and the lack of a running game, those are reasons enough to help us all figure out why the New York Giants are 0-4.  Now the Chiefs are in a much better place.  They are rocking the stellar 4-0 record and are gearing up for a date with the Titans next week (who would have thought that would be one of Week 5’s best games?).


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