Week 4: Arizona Cardinals 13, Tampa Bay Buccaneers 10- Post Game Thoughts

I was watching the Seahawks-Texans game this weekend, and as I always do, I’ll keep a close eye on the scoreboard at the bottom of the screen.  While I was eyeballing the scoreboard, I couldn’t help but notice that the Cardinals had the ball deep in Tampa Bay territory on more than a few occasions when the game was 10-0 in the favor of the Bucs.  Carson Palmer did throw 2 picks in this game, but he was also able to take his team down the field for a winning score when it counted.  However, this is the second straight week in which Arizona has struggled to score points; this could be a huge problem for them as we move forward in the season.  As it stands, they will be happy to get out of town with a victory.  Mike Glennon’s numbers didn’t look too bad in his NFL debut, and he really could have benefited from a better running game.  Doug Martin had 45 yards on 27 carries in this game; he will need to do better than that for the Buccaneers to really go places.  He needs to be their best player and so far this year he is not off to a particularly good start.  This loss also has to hurt for the Bucs because this game now marks the third time this year where they have lost a game after leading at the 2 minute warning.


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