Week 3: Dallas Cowboys 31, St. Louis Rams 7- Post Game Thoughts

The Cowboys seize control of the NFC East with a dominant win over St. Louis at home on Sunday.  DeMarco Murray turned in a great effort by running for 175 yards and a touchdown.  It is apparent that Murray owns the St. Louis defense (remember, he ran for 253 yards against them back in October of 2011).  I thought the play-calling by Bill Calahan was superb.  The Cowboys stayed committed to the run and it payed dividends.  Also, the Rams had done a great job protecting Sam Bradford this season.  Going into this game, he had not been sacked on the season.  The ‘Boys got to him six times and created a lot of additional pressure that didn’t translate into sacks.  Tavon Austin had an 84 yard punt return for a touchdown nullified in this game with a special teams penalty, something that has plagued the Rams early on in the season.  To make matters worse, St. Louis has to turn around and play a frustrated 49ers team on Thursday night.  Things could get ugly in a hurry if they do not clean up their act and cut down on the amount of big plays they allow this season.


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