Week 3: Baltimore Ravens 30, Houston Texans 9: Post Game Thoughts

It would appear as if the Ravens have gotten their act together on defense after a disastrous Week 1 loss in Denver.  Since that night when the Baltimore defense allowed 7 passing touchdowns and 49 points, they have not surrendered a single touchdown and have only yielded 15 points.  While 21.3 points allowed per game isn’t extraordinary, it is respectable considering this team is scoring an average of 23.7 points per game; it gets the job done.  Last week I was questioning how good the Ravens were after they were barely able to edge the Browns following a sloppy offensive showing.  Now I have to question just how good the Texans are.  This is a team that could easily be 0-3 right now had it not been for a couple of huge comebacks.  The Ray Rice-less Ravens rolled Houston and left them bloodied and battered with tears in their eyes.  Sure, there was a pick-six and a punt return for a touchdown in this game, but even without those the ravens would have won 16-9.  And let’s not lose track of the fact that the Texans only scored 9 points.  In another couple of weeks we could be looking at a 2-3 team because they will head home to take on Seattle next week and then face the 49ers on the road.  What we may be looking at here are two teams (talking about the Ravens and the Texans) whose fortunes are going in opposite directions.  How good are the Texans?  The next couple of weeks should tell us a lot.  And after this dominant performance out of the Ravens, I’d say they are not head first in the rabbit hole anymore.


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