Week 2: Chicago Bears 31, Minnesota Vikings 30- Post Game Thoughts

The Chicago Bears defense proved in this game that they are every bit as good as last year’s defense.  Tim Jennings ended up scoring a defensive touchdown in the second quarter and the team caused three total turnovers.  Jay Cutler did end up putting together a nice game-winning drive to seal the victory for the Bears, but their defense really won them this game.  The Vikings scored early with a Cordarrelle Patterson kickoff return for a touchdown, and they benefited from a Brian Robinson 61 yard fumble return touchdown, but as an offense they managed only 16 points.  That needs to change if they hope to make a push for the playoffs.  For Chicago fans, it is very encouraging to see Jay Cutler hook up with Martellus Bennett, a tight end.  Bennett caught the game winning touchdown pass and he caught one early in the first quarter.  Cutler is beginning to spread the ball around more, and that is great news for the Bears.  As for the Vikings, they need a win badly after dropping two close games on the road to NFC North divisional foes.  Adrian Peterson has not looked as strong this year as he did last year, although he did put up exactly 100 yards rushing in this game.


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