Week 1: Tennessee Titans 16, Pittsburgh Steelers 9- Post Game Thoughts

This was a game that included one major missed-opportunity for the Steelers and a lot of gritty, hard-nosed football from the Titans.  To start, the Steelers got on the board as fast as any team I can ever remember when they scored 2 points on a safety.  This came about when return man Darius Reynaud grabbed the ball from the field of play and brought it back into the end zone for the safety.  Little did the Pittsburgh fans know that their team was not going to score until about 1:25 left in the game.  After the safety, the Steelers drove the ball down the field to the Tennessee six yard line where Issac Redman fumbled the ball into the end zone for a touch back.  If they could have held on to the ball and scored on that drive, the final score would read something much different.  Perhaps the most significant thing that happened on that drive was the injury suffered by all-pro center Maurkice Pouncey (to his knee).  This effected the rest of the game as Pittsburgh was unable to get their running game going and they just got beat at the point of attack.  The Tennessee defense shut the Steelers down in this game.  That remade unit should be very proud of itself.


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