Week 1: Seattle Seahawks 12, Carolina Panthers 7- Post Game Thoughts

This was a potential trap game for the Seahawks, who had to travel across the country and play a game in the eastern time zone against a tough defense.  The absences of Brandon Browner, Cliff Avril, and Bruce Irvin was not enough to bog down the defense as they only allowed Cam Newton to pass for 125 yards.  Jermaine Kearse looks like he is becoming a bigger part of this offense.  He plucked a 43 yard touchdown out of the air, which put the Seahawks ahead for good.  Russell Wilson’s final stats looked pretty impressive.  He completed 25 of his 33 passes for 320 yards.  The Panthers were able to shut down Marshawn Lynch; he ran for only 43 yards on 17 carries.  Seattle proved on opening weekend that they are still a force on defense.  The team lead the NFL in points allowed last season (15.3/game).  They started off this year strong by surrendering only one touchdown to a normally lethal Carolina offense.  Although, with a new offensive coordinator in Mike Shula, the Panthers are off to a slow start.  They didn’t look particularly overwhelming in the preseason and then they come out and manage only 7 points (albeit against a good defense).  Offensive struggles look like they will be an issue early for the Panthers.


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