Week 1: Kansas City Chiefs 28, Jacksonville Jaguars 2- Post Game Thoughts

Without watching the game and looking at the final score, one could probably guess what happened in this game: the Jaguars were inept on offense and the Chiefs dominated them at the line of scrimmage.  In effect, the Chiefs defense pitched a shutout (since the only Jags points came on an early safety).  Besides the fact that they rattled off 28 points to win the game, the best news for Kansas City is the turnover differential; they did not turn it over.  Their defense was able to come away with two interceptions of Blaine Gabbert, who had an ugly afternoon overall.  Chad Henne even made a brief appearance late in the game and went 3/6 for 36 yards.  Brian Anger’s toe had to be sore at the conclusion of this game.  He had to punt the ball 11 times in the game.  That is not surprising considering that Jacksonville was only able to manage 12 first downs in total and 178 yards of offense in the game.  Kansas City operated efficiently with Alex Smith in control and did enough to but up three offensive touchdowns.  Tamba Hali did manage to score a touchdown on a pick-six in this game as well.  All and all, this was a rather uninspiring effort for Jacksonville and a motivating start for the Chiefs, who expect big things out of their team this year.


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