Week 16: Miami Dolphins 24 Buffalo Bills 10- Post Game Thoughts

Even though they handled the Bills at home, the Dolphins have been eliminated from playoff contention with the Bengals triumph over the Steelers.  CJ Spiller was about the only Buffalo player that had a decent game.  He ran the ball for 138 yards (which is 6.3 yards per pop).  His opposition, Reggie Bush, had another big game against Chan Gailey’s team with a total of three touchdowns (two receiving and one rushing).  One thing that the Bills need to improve upon is their defense.  Although they did not give up 50 points again this week, they did allow a significant amount of yardage to a tailback.  A lot of people will place the blame on Ryan Fitzpatrick for being careless with the football, but he could be the most precise quarterback out there and Buffalo would still lose because their defense is failing to make plays and force punts.  They are allowing way too many yards and points to be a good team.  This needs to be the focus of them in the off-season because they do have some good pieces in place on offense.  For Miami, they are definitely taking a step in the right direction with their team.  Now all they need is a big wide-receiver that can go up and get the ball.  Just imagine how much fun Ryan Tannehill would have with Brandon Marshall…


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