Week 16: Chicago Bears 28 Arizona Cardinals 13- Post Game Thoughts

It is possible that the Cards found a quarterback that is at least passable in this league (that being Brian Hoyer).  The fact that he has ties to Tom Brady (having previously been his back-up) already makes him a better candidate to be the starter in Arizona.  The team showed quite a bit more life with Hoyer under center, so maybe they can develop him into being a legitimate starter for them next year.  Either that or they will have to go fishing in the draft or in free agency.  On the other sideline, Lovie Smith’s Bears have to be pleased with this win.  Since Minnesota beat Houston earlier in the afternoon, this quickly became a must-win for Chicago.  They got the job done on the strength of two defensive touchdowns and a couple of nice offensive plays from Jay Cutler to Brandon Marshall and from Matt Forte runs.  Now they need to beat Detroit on the road and hope for the Vikings to lose in order for them to snake their way in as the #6 seed (second wild-card).


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