Week 15: Washington Redskins 38 Cleveland Browns 21- Post Game Thoughts

Talk about a confidence boost for the Redskins!  They proved that they can win a game without their all-star rookie quarterback, and they did so by relying on a good performance from their defense as well as an equally strong day from their replacement signal-caller, Kirk Cousins.  He tallied 329 yards and a pair of touchdowns during one of the biggest games of the season for Washington.  With this win, they find themselves atop the NFC East for the first time during Week 16 in almost 15 years.  They have now won five straight, and have looked great on offense in the process.  Since they are finishing their season with two divisional opponents, they control their own destiny with regards to a division title.  That is really the best situation for Mike Shanahan and his squad.  If  they can make the playoffs, they could easily become a thorn in the side of any team they play, especially with this great offense.

For Cleveland, there is a lot that can be said about what this team has going.  Prior to this game, the Browns had won three in a row and were looking pretty good, both on offense and defense.  Their focus for the next couple of games is to continue to build momentum for next season, where they might be able to make things interesting in the AFC North.  This loss hurts a little bit because nobody likes to lose, but it does not ruin their overall goal for the remainder of the season.  They, much like the Redskins, are moving in the right direction; which is a big relief after years of bottom-feeding and disappointments.


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