Week 15: Seattle Seahawks 50 @ Buffalo Bills 17- Post Game Thoughts

The Seattle Seahawks have done something that has only been done twice (prior) in the history of the league… and that is put up 50 points in back-to-back games.  It is a little hard to believe that this is only the third time it has been done, but this is the truth.  It may be too late for people to start considering Russel Wilson for Rookie of the Year honors, but he is certainly deserving as well.  Any team could be given trouble in the playoffs with this scrappy Seattle squad.  They have a great defense along with a good offense that can run the ball at will and does not shy away from big plays in the passing game either.  As for Buffalo, this marks the second time they have allowed a team to lay a fifty-burger on them and the fourth time a team has hung 45+ points on their defense (one of those was the Jets of all teams).  This defense needs some serious help and perhaps a quarterback change could do them some good.  Michael Vick may be available for the taking, so Chan Gailey needs to put some serious thought into that one.


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