Week 15: Green Bay Packers 21 Chicago Bears 13- Post Game Thoughts

With Green Bay clinching its second straight division title, the Bears and their fans have every reason to be sick to their stomachs.  They have gone from a 7-1 start to the season all the way back down to an 8-6 record as of today.  Sure, an injury to Jay Cutler played a small role in this decline, but honestly there is not much that Chicago could do to prevent this recent skid.  Brandon Marshall will be the first to tell people that there is a feeling of great sadness in the locker room right now and the team is feeling quite blue as a result of their recent blow.  The saddest thing of all is that the team has its franchise quarterback, it has a great running back and wide receiver, plus an awesome defense that is capable of changing a game.  Even without a return in over a year, the Bears have one of the best special teams aces in Devin Hester.  There is literally no major weakness for this team to address and/or blame the season on.  With this being said, it is easy to understand why Brandon Marshall is feeling so down.

While the Bears are free-falling, the Packers are emerging as one of the NFL’s best teams over the past few games.  They now hold a 10-4 record with a real shot at earning a first round BYE for the playoffs.  James Jones had a huge game, accounting for 18 of the 21 Green Bay points on the afternoon (with three touchdown receptions).  Aaron Rodgers is still playing some of the best quarterback that this league has ever seen, and the Pack could be the most dangerous team heading into January.  This division has been theirs for the taking for about four weeks now.  This Week 15 win was just a pretty little bow on the nice present that will be sitting at Packers’ fans doorsteps come Christmas.


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