Week 15: Carolina Panthers 31 San Diego Chargers 7- Post Game Thoughts

In what was a match-up of two teams that will be in search of a new head coach by the end of the season, it was the Carolina Panthers who emerge victorious.  Cam Newton is playing out of his mind right now.  He has not turned the ball over since Week 11, and the Panthers have won three out of four as a result.  Mike Tolbert had a memorable return to sunny San Diego with two scores on the ground.  The Carolina defense (which has looked pretty good for a majority of the year) had a great game, holding Philip Rivers to just 121 yards passing; the fifth lowest total in his career.  Cam Newton threw a couple of touchdown passes and DeAngelo Williams finally had a nice game, which is a welcome sight for all Carolina fans.  The Chargers are in serious trouble right now.  The blame cannot be placed 100% on either Norv Turner or Philip Rivers because the two had it working so well for a few years.  However, it is almost a guarantee that the two will not be together at the end of the season.  Once this divorce (so to speak) is made official, San Diego will be in full rebuild mode, which means it will be a couple of years before they return to relevance.


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