Week 15: Houston Texans 29, Indianapolis Colts 17- Post Game Thoughts

The Houston Texans wrap up their second straight division title with a solid win at home over Indianapolis.  This victory serves as a great boost of confidence for them seeing as how they got shellacked by New England just six days prior.  Not only did the Texans seal their division with this win, but they also cemented at least a #3 seed and greatly strengthened their chances at a first round BYE in the playoffs.  It is important that they get their fans into their games because the road to the Super Bowl will probably go through Houston, so they need to make it tough on visiting opponents.  Indianapolis did some nice work hanging with their division rivals, but they did appear to be out-matched.  The Colts seem to be able to beat the teams that they should, but also struggle against the big-dogs of the conference.  They need just one win to guarantee themselves a wild card spot, and at this point it is very likely that Indy will be traveling to Baltimore during the first round of the playoffs.  It would be a nice boost of momentum for them to be able to win out and finish the season 11-5.  They draw Kansas City next week so that should result in a win.  If not they will rely on a Week 17 tilt with these Houston Texans to solidify a playoff spot; although at this point they can probably afford to lose both of their last two games and still make it in.  Either way they will probably have a tough road in the playoffs.


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