Week 15: Denver Broncos 34 Baltimore Ravens 17- Post Game Thoughts

The red-hot Denver Broncos continue to roll as they pick apart the Ravens, who are in shambles.  Peyton Manning has had moderate success when traveling to “The Big Crab Cake”, and he continues this trend with a big win.  The one thing that was most confusing about this game is the lack of Ray Rice in the running game.  It is mind-boggling how they can only feed him the rock twelve times.  It is understandable that the Ravens had to abandon the run since they fell behind big in the first half, but they should have tried to establish #27 earlier on in the game.  They could have used his running capabilities to play keep away with Manning.  If the Ravens had kept the future hall-of-famer on the sidelines for a bit longer, they would have been in better shape.  Plus, Flacco was off his game; he only completed 50% of his passes.  Ray Rice should have been a bigger asset than he was.  Anyhow, most expected the Broncos to go into Baltimore and win this game.  They are the hottest team in football as of right now and could very well be the best in the entire league.  It is hard to think of another team that has such a great offense coupled with a stingy defense.  They will be a tough-out for any team in the playoffs.  This dominant win is certainly not the tip of the iceberg.  This could be one of the games in the montage that may play after Denver wins the Super Bowl… maybe…


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