Week 13: Denver Broncos 31 Tampa Bay Buccaneers 23- Post Game Thoughts

The Denver Broncos become the second team in the AFC to clinch its division (behind New England).  Also, with this win over the Bucs, Atlanta clinches their division.  The Peyton Manning show lives on in the Mile High City.  The Broncos have won their seventh straight and are now beginning to look like they may not lose until the postseason (if they even do lose again).  This was a rough loss for Tampa Bay.  Neither Josh Freeman or Doug Martin had a big game, which just goes to show just how good this Denver defense is.  The Buccaneers had a nice opportunity to pick up a game on Seattle and Chicago in the wild card race with a win.  As of right now, the Bucs seem to be the only other player in on the race.  Minnesota may not be able to make any noise because of their difficult remaining schedule.  Von Miller had another outstanding game, with a sack, a forced fumble, and a pick-six.  He left the game late with an injury, but it did not look too bad.  Anyways, the Broncos are looking like they might actually be the best team in the AFC.  They have improved a lot since their loss to the Patriots, and the Week 15 game against the Ravens in Baltimore will tell a lot about what teams will earn a first round BYE in the American Football Conference.


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