Week 13: Cleveland Browns 20 Oakland Raiders 17- Post Game Thoughts

The Browns are building quite a bit of momentum with this young team that they have.  They now have won three of their last five and their second in a row.  Also, 4-8 is not a horrible record for them considering they started off 0-5 to begin the year.  Brandon Weeden played alright, throwing for 364 yards, a career high.  Carson Palmer had another typical Carson Palmer game; a ton of yards in a losing effort.  The Raiders hardly got a chance to run the ball since they trailed early on in the game.  Oakland Raiders fans have got to be demoralized.  They came within a game of winning the AFC West last year, and most thought the team was on its way to making things right and finishing a season with a winning record.  It seems as though they took a huge step backwards this year in disappointing fashion. (It’s okay, they are not alone.)  Cleveland may be on its way to seeing a team that can make a playoff run in the next couple of years.  They are a good young team with a solid defense and a workable offense.  There could be light at the end of the tunnel for Browns fans.


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