Week 13: New England Patriots 23 Miami Dolphins 16- Post Game Thoughts

The Dolphins came out and played the Patriots tough, taking this game all the way down to the final minute.  Tom Brady’s right arm was not as productive as Pats fans have grown used to over the past few games, throwing for only 238 yards.  Wes Welker played well with 12 receptions for 103 yards and a touchdown.  The New England defense was the reason why the Patriots have now clinched the AFC East.  They allowed only 277 yards of total offense in what turned out to be a pretty nice slug-fest.  The Miami Dolphin defense deserves a ton of credit because they allowed only 23 points after the Pats had come off of games with scores of 49, 59, 37, and 45 points.  They played about as well as anybody could have expected them to.  New England now becomes the first team to clinch its division in the entire NFL.  They are sitting atop the AFC East with a stellar 9-3 record and can take a heavy sigh of relief knowing that they will be playing some postseason football.  A first round BYE is not out of the question for them, but they may have to win out to get one.  They have big games with Houston and San Francisco later this month.  Those two games will tell the world a lot about this New England team.


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