Week 13: Kansas City Chiefs 27 Carolina Panthers 21- Post Game Thoughts

In a way, this is a feel-good victory for the Chiefs.  Obviously the  Jovan Belcher incident was the main storyline heading into this game, but the Chiefs can now feel good about a complete team win.  They did not turn the ball over for the first time all season.  Brady Quinn played well also, throwing two touchdown passes.  Cam Newton played pretty well too.  He did not turn the ball over and threw three touchdown passes.  The Panthers do not typically lose when they don’t turn the ball over.  That is why this game is especially surprising.  The Kansas City running game was what won them the game.  158 yards on the ground is nothing to shake a stick at.  Peyton Hills found paydirt early and the Chiefs really outplayed another team for the first time since Week 15 last season when they beat the Packers.  This was an important win for Romeo Crennel after he witness the shock of the season go down right in front of him Saturday morning.  It is good that he was able to rally his team together for a win.  It speaks volumes for him as a head coach, and as a guy in general.  The Panthers really need to think about what area they want to address this off-season.  Perhaps picking up a running back in the draft will be a great idea for this team that has an up and coming defense, as well as a franchise quarterback with a decent corps of wide receivers.


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