Week 11: Denver Broncos 30 San Diego Chargers 23- Post Game Thoughts

Von Miller is an absolute beast: he forced two fumbles and recorded three sacks in a rather impressive Denver Bronco win.  Peyton Manning was able to pass Dan Marino and stand alone in second place all time with 423 passing touchdowns in his surefire Hall of Fame career.  Once again, the Broncos put forth a solid team effort.  The offense accumulated 386 yards while their defense held the Chargers to only 287 yards and 13 first downs.  This loss kills the Chargers.  Many people questioned how good they were to begin with seeing as how their only two wins since Week 2 are against the Chiefs.  Not to mention their other two wins came against teams with losing records as well (Oakland and Tennessee).  The Broncos will be in contention for a first round BYE.  Their losses to Houston and New England will hurt them quite a bit down the road with regards to seeding.  However, when a team has Peyton Manning they are almost a lock to go far in the playoffs.  Things will get very interesting come January.


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