Week 11: Cincinnati Bengals 28 Kansas City Chiefs 6- Post Game Thoughts

AJ Green is an absolute monster.  On Sunday he became the first player since Jerry Rice to record a touchdown in nine straight games.  Mohammad Sanu also added a score as Andy Dalton completed his second straight game without an interception after throwing one in his first eight games this year.  There was a Brady Quinn sighting in this game as he contributed to this disaster in Kansas City.  He and Cassel had almost identical stats in this contest; neither broke 100 passing yards.  For the second game in a row the Bengals had a strong showing from their defense.  Obviously holding the Chiefs out of the end zone is not a huge accomplishment, but achieving something like this may give them a boost of confidence.  Their chances of winning the AFC North are slim and none, but a Wild Card spot is well within the realm of possibility.  A Week 16 tilt with the Steelers is their biggest game upcoming, but for right now they need to prepare for a Carson Palmer homecoming when they head back to Cincy to take on the Raiders.  The only good thing for Kansas City is the fact that they only turned the ball over once… yes that is how bad their season is getting.

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