Atlanta Falcons 19 Dallas Cowboys 13- The Post Game Breakdown

The Atlanta Falcons are halfway to perfection as they improve to 8-0 while the Cowboys suffer their fifth loss of the season and find themselves in a lot of trouble.  Honestly, I expected to see more points in this game.  There was plenty of offense (377 yards for the Cowboys and 453 for the Falcons).  Matt Ryan played better against that vaunted Dallas D than any other quarterback has this season.  He completed 24 of his 34 passes for 342 yards.  I do have to say, Ryan is luck he survived this game.  The Atlanta offensive line made a couple of huge mistakes when they let guys run free.  DeMarcus Ware darn near decapitated Matty Ice in the second quarter.  It looked like Jacquizz Rodgers was supposed to at least chip him, nevertheless the mishap almost cost the Falcons a fumble (Roddy White was alertly able to recover).  The Cowboys did do a good job at pressuring Ryan in general, while their offensive line was able to fend off Atlanta pass rushers for a majority of the night.  In the end I think it is fairly obvious that the better team won this game.

The Dallas Cowboys were beat.  I find that in most of their games there is usually something that their fans can point to as an excuse, but tonight they were just outplayed.  The Falcons have done this two weeks in a row; they did not force a turnover but their offense and defense outperformed their opponents.  The question still remains: who have the Falcons beaten?  The only team that they bested that has a winning record today is the Denver Broncos.  Is this team really an 8-0 caliber team?  I have become a believer in them after these past two weeks.  They are now thoroughly beating teams and looking good while doing it.  I am going to give the Cowboys a little credit here: outside of an ineffective running game they were able to do a lot of good things in this one.  Their defense held the Falcons out of the end zone until the fourth quarter.  Tony Romo did not turn the ball over (he came close though) and if he had enough time he probably could have won the game for the Cowboys.  Even though they are a 3-5 team, if they can play every game like they did in this one then they could end up with about 8 or 9 wins.  They have to turn things around quickly because they head to Philadelphia in Week 10 for a game that I will surely have my eye on.  That will basically feel like a playoff game for each team.  The Falcons take their show on the road to New Orleans where they will be favored to go 9-0.  We’ve got some compelling stuff coming up next week.  I can’t wait!

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