Detroit Lions 31 Jacksonville Jaguars 14- The Post Game Breakdown

Much like Chicago, the Lions crush an AFC South opponent on the road in impressive fashion.  They did something that they have not done in quite some time, and that is rely on a strong running game.  I did not watch this game, but I saw that Calvin Johnson had another big game but was held out of the end zone again.  Mikel Leshoure tallied three touchdowns against a defense that struggles to defend the run.  I noticed that the Jaguars were held scoreless for a majority of this game, so that tells me that the Lion’s defense played well.  As we push towards the second half of the season, the Lions find themselves right back in the thick of things at 4-4.  While a division title seems out of reach at this point, they are alive and well with regards to the wild card hunt.  We may see three playoff teams coming from the NFC North this season.  In the meantime, the Jaguars should start deciding who they want with their first pick in the NFL Draft next year…

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